Products Doll house & Train set

My Kids Boutique Dollhouse

The miniature dollhouse for young girls and children includes a portable doll house with wallpaper decoration, cute furniture to organize clothes, and couch. This unique dollhouse includes a peek-a-boo window. It is the perfect dollhouse for fun, educational, and developmental creative pretend play so your young ones can develop their own management, and hospitality skills.

Sweet Garden Savannah Dollhouse

The miniature dollhouse with 4-stroy has 8 rooms, balcony, and an elevator. The modern villa that’s 133 cm, 16 movable mini furniture and beautiful spaces for dolls to live in. Our dollhouse was built to engage your children creativity and let them play our multiple scenarios. As a global toy company, HBCarpentry priority is child safety. All of our toys are always 100% nontoxic, adhere to strict us and tested certified by independent third party labs.

City Bridge Train Set

The city bridge train set is big, so it can be played by multiple kids at the same time. It has various vehicles, different angles of rails, school, police office, natural object, animals, and people. It makes children use their imagination and fine motor skill which are helpful and essential to overall development.

City Bridge Train Table

The city bridge train table is wide enough so children can gather around the table and play together. The edge of the table is round. It has a big drawer to store the rails and other props. On the top, there are two plates which have forest, sea, farm, and a lake. Children can make stories with the background by building the city bridge train set.